The Avid Platform


Unlocking the true potential of native content by combining the power of the channel with the smarts and scale of a digital solution, the Avid Platform is your point of access to our network.


Discover The Network

Browse the network by publisher, products, platform, objectives or even turnaround times for content.

We've simplified hundreds of publisher products and put them all in one place for you.


Plan Your Campaign

Drafting bespoke media plans, made as easy as online shopping.

Easily collaborate with Avid's media strategists or within your own team.


Manage The Content

Define your campaign, brief multiple publishers with one brief. Our expert team takes care of the rest.

Review and feedback on content efficiently with streamlined workflows, no spreadsheets necessary.


Analyse Results

See your campaign performance in one simple and shareable dashboard.

Track optimisations to achieve KPIs through our targeting & amplification engine.

How Can Avid Help You?

Learn how Avid can help you reach your marketing goals, acess the network and learn how to deliver native content campaigns that truly impact at scale.